Air Purifier

• Innovative tower concise design for better product benefit

• Multi purification system:

Pre-filter+ HEPA filter+Activated Carbon Filter

• HEPA filter traps particles, allergens, pollen, dust, Smoke and pet dander

• Carbon filter helps reduce VOC, toxic fumes and foul odor

• UV lamp kills bacteria, virus and germ

• With 4 speed setting (L,M,H and TURBO)

• With 3 timer (2h, 4h, 8h)

• With PM 2.5 display measured by accurate dust sensor

• Four colors LED ring to indicate air quality level

• Noise level: 30dB~55dB

• CADR:100 m3/h (60CFM)

• Room size: 10~15 m2

• 220-240V~50/60Hz

• 45W

  • DEEE : 0,42 €
  • EAN : 3760301551881

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